The Master Chef and the Waiter

The Master Chef and the Waiter


God is the Master Chef, He plans and prepares the ultimate meal.

He has planned it from Genesis 3, it’s His grand Plan, His ultimate meal, prepared for mankind to bring us back into a loving relationship with himself, for this is the reason He created us.

His meal is never undercooked, never overcooked, never garnished with false promises, never dressed up to look like something it’s not, never smothered with gravy nor sauce to make it more palatable. It is the perfect meal, prepared to satisfy our every need.
God knows what we need to sustain us and He provides it, without fail.
Now that the meal is prepared how does He put it before His people ?
That’s where we, His disciples come into the scene. We are the waiters. It’s we, the waiters who serve up the meal, we take it to the tables. That’s our side of the commission, to deliver the meal God has prepared.
A simple job you would think.

But think about this; have you ever prepared a meal for your family or friends only to have them slide the plate aside, saying “ I don’t like the look of that “, “I don’t like the taste of that”, “I can’t stand the smell of that”. Or they will smother it with sauce or vinegar or salt to make it more to their taste.
You know how that feels; well that’s what God feels every time someone rejects the meal He has prepared.
As His waiters we will also face the rejection of those we serve. Even as we approach the tables we can overhear the comments, “Oh Oh, here comes that boring waiter again”, “ suddenly I’m not hungry “, or worst of all “ I’m starving here BUT that is NOT the meal I ordered! Dump it in the bin!! “
As waiters we really have to be sure we present the meal in the way God planned it to be.

Have you ever had a waiter and asked what the meals comprised of and they just stare blankly at you and say, “ I’m not really sure “.

Don’t be like that, if you don’t have the answer to the question simply say “ I’m not really sure, but I’ll go ask the Chef “. Then always return with the answer.
It’s hard, because it’s sad that you are delivering the ultimate meal to the people and they just don’t want to eat !

You have tasted it, you know it’s the best anyone can get, you eat it daily and want more of it, but they wont even taste it to see if they like it.
It makes me sad and frustrated that friends I have and even my family, do not want me to wait on their table.

I do understand that they believe they are eating the best they can get, I once felt that way myself, but only if they would have a taste they would not go back the scraps they have been gorging on.

If I come to your table with the ultimate meal on a platter all I ask is that you at least taste it before rejecting it.

I love you and there is no way I would serve you rotten food or poison.



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