The NSW AGM was the first I have attended as National Coordinator. Along with the business of electing a new committee, we had an excellent training session led by Di and Doddles, centred around prayer. Di challenged us – is prayer your steering wheel or spare tyre? The many facets of prayer were discussed and 2 models of prayer presented 1) programmed prayer (structured, intensive, devoted, regular, uninterrupted) 2) Progressive Prayer (more informal, having a chat with God as we go about our daily activities). Doddles spoke of our “Foundational Pillars”- firstly, Prayer. Then People, those who work together being used according to their gifting. Predictability – being reliable e.g. Communion on the Cliff 7am on the 3rd Sunday of the month rain hail or shine. Punctuality – being respectful of others and being on time. Promotion – letting people know what CMA is up to using various means of communication – flyers, websites, radio etc.
We all came away greatly encouraged. To those who have taken on specific roles in the committee, may God bless and guide your endeavours.
Keep on Riding for the SON