Remake, Remodel

During my quiet times this week, using “Encounter with God”, the readings have been in Romans 8 & 9. In particular to me was Romans 9: 19-29 , a well known passage of the Potter and the clay. No doubt many of us would have earnestly sung the song “Change my Heart O God”, especially  words of the chorus “You are the Potter, I am the clay. Mould me and make me, this is what I pray”. Are we prepared to honour those words? After all, the pot is created to fulfil a purpose according to the desire of the Potter. Those purposes may be noble or they may be lowly, but all have value, through which we can show His mercy to the world. Whether individually or corporately as CMA we do not exist for our own sake. We exist for God’s purposes and need to be open to His remodelling of our lives. I like the closing sentences  in the guide “God will fulfil His promises, but He wishes to act through his people, not despite them. While clay remains soft, the potter can reshape it. Lord keep me from growing hard. Remake me as you will. Use me to share your mercy”.

Keep on Riding for the SON