20-20 New Year message

Ho, Ho, Ho,
Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Yes, I know
this greeting is a bit late, but they don’t call it the silly season for

But it’s
not just that. The last few months have simply flown by. And now we’re well and
truly into a very special year. ‘Twenty – twenty.’ Don’t you just love the
sound of it. There is a ring of expectancy, of great things ahead.

Yes, 2019
was a year of changes. Changes in the Committee, new members and new CMA areas.
There was the fine tuning and recording of roles and responsibilities of
members to elected and appointed positions. These are intended to provide
clearer guidelines which will help members to have a better understanding,
purpose in CMA and so fore fill their roles effectively. These information
packages into other areas such as explaining AGM, Committee meeting, membership
etc. and will eventually be readily available to all members.

 For some of our members 2019 was a year marred
by accidents and health issues. It’s true, we’re not getting any younger. But
we have been blessed by the support from the State and National Prayer Team.
The 2019 National Run saw for the first time this group come together to pray
and set up a better prayer chain network system. I’d like to thank this body of
faithful believers who value prayer so highly and I thank God for His love and
healing of our members. Psalm 106:1 Praise the Lord, give thanks to the Lord for
He is good. His love endures forever.

speaking about the Victorian National, I’d like to thank the 20 members who
attended this event, and a special thanks to John Kroon who put together show
bags to advertise and promote our 2020 National.

Psalm 45:4

In your majesty ride out
to victoriously, defending truth, humility and justice. Go forth to perform
awe-inspiring deeds.

What a
great verse this is. And it’s so true of what CMA aims to be. We do ride out.
We do ride with a purpose. With Christ as our rock and corner stone, who guides
and direct us into purposeful and worthwhile endeavors. We do perform awe
inspiring deeds, though we may not at the time consider this. Rather, it’s just
something we do as followers of Jesus Christ.

And when I
contemplate all that CMA is involved in, from local rides to long rides, coffee
and chat rides, charity rides, memorials, shoe shines and  bike shows, Communion on the Hill/Mountain,
involvement in the Motorcycle Council of NSW, our AGM and the National Run and
the many other things that individual and group members become involved in, I
stand amazed. How on earth do we fit all this in, in one short year. Praise God!

I’d like to
thank our Committee and Area Coordinators for the great job they do in serving.
They are like the vital organs in a body. The body would not be able to
function without them. Yet still, with out each and every member, there would
be no  body. So thank you members. CMA
wouldn’t be the association that it is today without you all. To each and every
member, from those highly active to those who choose to support from the
sidelines, I thank you.                                                                  Our
Annual Fellowship weekend draws near, the second weekend in March. I am
encouraging everyone to make every effort to attend. Not only will you be
blessed, but your attendance will be a blessing to others. Grahame Bertram,
John Kroon, Graeme Bingham and a host of members have been working tirelessly
on the planning and organizing the huge October National that we are to host at
Rathmines on beautiful Lake Macquarie.  (a special mention of thanks to Steve Mepham
for the fantastic National video promo) So come and be excited about getting involved
in these future plans. Come and check out the National complex and look forward
to the spectacular ride that is lined up for the National. Come and be prepared
to have a great weekend and hang out with some great people.

2020 is
already a busy with different events that have occurred such as the Guyra
Australia Day long weekend and the Bathurst bike show.  The calendar of events was put out in
December will be updated shortly, so if you have any additional events, please
pass these on to the Secretary.

exciting future event will be a fellowship weekend at Griffith, so keep an eye
out for more information about this.

Lastly, our
Assist Fund: I thank all that have given and ask for our members to support
this fund. In 2019 we were able to help a member continue to be active in CMA through
this fund by praying for their National registration.

I believe
God will bless CMA and continue to use us for his glory as we continue to step
up, step into and step out into those things that Christ has laid before us.

So in
closing I thank all our members for their encouragement and  support.

In His service,

Glenn Hartley,

President CMA

 “In your majesty, ride out to victory,
defending truth, humility, and justice.

Go forth to
perform awe-inspiring deeds.” Psalm 45:4

Christian Motorcyclists Association of Australia


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