After: Ulysses AGM Alice Springs 12th May – 18th May 2014

Many thanks to those who supported the team from CMA that went to this event. It was a great opportunity to have a Christian presence there and for CMA to connect with Christian riders in N.T.
All up the team comprised of Lisa Clarke (who had flown to Alice previously to make connections with churches and Christian riders as well as leaving valuable outreach items); Phil Mellor & Brian Vogt from S.A. (rode with Lisa;, Kaye & Noel Underwood from Mildura (SA CMA) who brought up their spider on Noel’s ute; lastly, the high flyers Darrell Cowell from Qld and Karen Nieuwendyk from NSW.
Noel’s ute was invaluable in carting large items like the marquee, tables, chairs, boxes of bibles, leaflets, daily devotions and Ian Milner’s working engine (which caught the attention of everyone who passes our stand.) Big thanks to Krista and David from Alice as they provided Karen and Darrell with bikes to ride during their stay.
Highlights of the week:
* talking to people who visited our CMA stand, using opportunities to hand out Christian booklets and tracks. Brian did a great job at asking people about their relationship with Jesus…there was no holding him back
*praying with people, writing pray requests and putting them in the ‘prayer box’ – praying for these and other needs that came up during our daily interactions
*team bonding and support that occurred during the week, (eg helping to pick up Brian’s tired BMW, Kaye and Noel, driving people to and from the airport and Phil changing Lisa’s dirty, loose bike chain
*catching church services in Alice and linking up with other Christian bike riders. Along with this being blessed with a BBQ (a great feed) and going on a ride with a few of the local Christian bikers
*it was encouraging that some applied for CMA membership and plans were made for a link up with SA CMA and NT riders next year.
* the whole experience of just being at this Ulysses event – the huge number, the incredible organisation of security, rides (which members of CMA took part in volunteering for) and the huge mass ride into Alice, with people waving, lined up along the streets and lastly the sea of Ulyssians at the Saturday night dinner.
Everywhere we went, we left an impression. On the Saturday night I sat next to a rider, chatting about this and that. During the end of the night he shared how much he’d appreciated our conversation. He had been surrounded all week by friends who were couples, and he said it had been nice to have someone next to him that was interested in listening and talking to him. Yes, there were times when people were challenged by Christ and their need to have him as Lord of their life… but the fact that we were there. People knew who we were and our week was fully of loving others and being available.
It was a great week. Expect great things to come from it.

Christian Motorcyclists Association of Australia


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