Angling for Glory

Matt 4:19 And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”

I recently heard the story of a fishermen who regularly went to the creek, cast out a line and sat – waiting and relaxing before retrieving the line and re-casting. After years of accompanying the fisherman on these expeditions the frustrated friend discovered that the fishing line had no hook and no bait – the fisherman didn’t want the stress of having to deal with the catch – they just wanted the experience of fishing to make them feel better.

Sadly this can be the case with some Christians – we have the bait and the hook but too often we just cast out the weight of expectations and obligations. Too often we are ready to show that we love Christ but not willing to spend the time reeling in the catch, having all the right equipment but not using it as intended. Casting out evidence of our faith but not allowing others to accept our invitation.

As fishers for men we need to identify the type of fish we are after and then select the appropriate bait and size of hook. Sometimes we need to be prepared to let the fish run a little before setting the hook, sometimes the fish will just take it all at once – other times they will nibble away never committing to the hook so we have to keep resetting our bait. We also need to be conscious of the weight of our sinker – if it is too heavy the fish will discard the bait – if it is too light the bait will drift away from them.

So what are these elements and how do we become successful fishers of men.

  • The bait – what is it about Christ that drew you to Him? Which of these will appeal most to who you are reaching out to?
    • Unconditional love – forgiveness – acceptance – His sacrifice – His willingness to stand up for the oppressed – to challenge human authority
  • The hook – what is it that committed you to Christ – that kept you on the line?
    • Salvation – Redemption – The Cross
  • How big a hook does the fish need – what are they trying to leave behind?
    • Persecution – Addiction – Abuse –Hedonistic Lifestyle
  • The sinker – is it a weight or an anchor?
    • Does your faith hold you fast and in position or does it drag you down?
    • Be wary that you do not portray the Christian life, our expectations, obedience, morals as a burden that will drag the fish down and tire them out – a weight. Rather show that it is a lifestyle that guides, directs and protects you – an anchor for maintaining your place in the world.

In one example from the bible the fishermen relying on their own knowledge had been out all night without anything to show for it – then Jesus told them where to cast their nets – they obeyed and were overwhelmed with the reward.

Will you fish where Jesus directs or will you continue to give the appearance of fishing without being prepared to deal with the catch?

Christian Motorcyclists Association of Australia


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