14/6/14 Combined Christian Motorcycle Clubs & Associations Annual Conference

Many thanks to Disciples for Christ Motorcycle Ministery for hosting this event. Good company and good food.
Things from this event:
* Ambassadors invitation to their 30 year celebrations at St Luke’s October 11th and St Luke’s Car and Bike Show on September 13th.
* Brotherhood spoke about the anti association laws in both Qld and NSW. Concern being that this is an attack on culture rather than people and police seem to be the main lobby group. Hirsty encouraged all to keep yourself well informed.
* Valid comments were made that we are Christ’s representatives, so need to be mindful as to how we talk, act, ride. “perception is reality”.
* CCMA Tri-annual Conference – 28-29th March 2015 on the Gold Coast
Need to organise our own accommodation with the key day being Saturday. Celebration dinner on Saturday night. Sunday morning ride. (note: Ulysses AGM at Wodonga from 23-29th March 2015). Suggested topics were submitted.
* Cynthia spoke about lane filtering in NSW starting July 1st in stopped, congested traffic. Speed limit being under 30kms, fully licenced riders only, not allowed in kerb or gutters or in school operational zones. Need for careful and responsible riding.

After: Ulysses AGM Alice Springs 12th May – 18th May 2014

Many thanks to those who supported the team from CMA that went to this event. It was a great opportunity to have a Christian presence there and for CMA to connect with Christian riders in N.T.
All up the team comprised of Lisa Clarke (who had flown to Alice previously to make connections with churches and Christian riders as well as leaving valuable outreach items); Phil Mellor & Brian Vogt from S.A. (rode with Lisa;, Kaye & Noel Underwood from Mildura (SA CMA) who brought up their spider on Noel’s ute; lastly, the high flyers Darrell Cowell from Qld and Karen Nieuwendyk from NSW.
Noel’s ute was invaluable in carting large items like the marquee, tables, chairs, boxes of bibles, leaflets, daily devotions and Ian Milner’s working engine (which caught the attention of everyone who passes our stand.) Big thanks to Krista and David from Alice as they provided Karen and Darrell with bikes to ride during their stay.
Highlights of the week:
* talking to people who visited our CMA stand, using opportunities to hand out Christian booklets and tracks. Brian did a great job at asking people about their relationship with Jesus…there was no holding him back
*praying with people, writing pray requests and putting them in the ‘prayer box’ – praying for these and other needs that came up during our daily interactions
*team bonding and support that occurred during the week, (eg helping to pick up Brian’s tired BMW, Kaye and Noel, driving people to and from the airport and Phil changing Lisa’s dirty, loose bike chain
*catching church services in Alice and linking up with other Christian bike riders. Along with this being blessed with a BBQ (a great feed) and going on a ride with a few of the local Christian bikers
*it was encouraging that some applied for CMA membership and plans were made for a link up with SA CMA and NT riders next year.
* the whole experience of just being at this Ulysses event – the huge number, the incredible organisation of security, rides (which members of CMA took part in volunteering for) and the huge mass ride into Alice, with people waving, lined up along the streets and lastly the sea of Ulyssians at the Saturday night dinner.
Everywhere we went, we left an impression. On the Saturday night I sat next to a rider, chatting about this and that. During the end of the night he shared how much he’d appreciated our conversation. He had been surrounded all week by friends who were couples, and he said it had been nice to have someone next to him that was interested in listening and talking to him. Yes, there were times when people were challenged by Christ and their need to have him as Lord of their life… but the fact that we were there. People knew who we were and our week was fully of loving others and being available.
It was a great week. Expect great things to come from it.

Update on Motorcycle Forums – from Skillmasters

The group at the first session at Picton Kart Track.

The group at the first session at Picton Kart Track.

Motorcycle Forums- your chance to have your say
If you have had anything to do with Skill Master recently you won’t be able to read anything without hearing some mention of these Forums.
Assuming you know nothing about them, these Forums are sponsored by the Motorcycle Council of NSW with the information gleaned ultimately going back to the NSW Centre for Road Safety. If you don’t ask the right people, and you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t ever get the right information. So we are trying to extract exactly that, useful information from riders to provide an accurate picture of rider’s views on the what, how, and why of riding.
We sent those wishing to ride out on the track to let them have a ride around, without stipulating too much. There were some obstacles along the way and when they returned we began our discussion on RISK. The exercises weren’t designed to make people fail, but to evoke conversation. And that it did. An hour and a half later we were through the first section on RISK. The great thing about riders is their ability to accurately pinpoint specific issues that cause problems. Even though we asked a question about how much they took responsibility for an incident caused by someone else, almost all attributed a large portion of the incident to something they could have done to avoid it. Some interesting aspects of the information received so far are:
•A lot of riders use ‘self talk’ to analyse risk
•Ride like everyone is out to get you
•People are willing to take responsibilty for incidents, not externalise
•A lot of people feel we should be giving a wave or a nod to other road users when some leeway has been extended
•100% of people feel that wearing the right gear is paramount to our longevitiy
•Very few people believe track days count for anything on the road
That is after only a cursory view of the data so far ( The survey is now also available on Facebook and via email).
Stay tuned for more, or you could even be a part of this by completing the survey yourself. The Forum sessions are still really useful as the opportunity to discuss this in a group setting is invaluable. Next session is at Tamworth on 17th May. Hope to see some of you there.
Check the website for other dates.

CMA involvement in Ulysses AGM

This event will be at Alice Springs on the 12th to the 18th May 2014. CMA will have a trade stall at the main event site Blatherskite Park. I’ve heard the figure of 10,000 bantered around – the number of Ulysses members that attend.

Lisa is riding to SA to meet up with members there and  Karen is flying to Alice on Sunday 11thMay. Other CMA members from other states are Kaye & Noel Underwood, Phil Mellor & Brian Vogt from SA. Darrell Cowell is flying, (possibly from Qld) & Wayne’s brother Ian Milner is taking a working engine. Other items to catch the attention of people will be coffee (using coffee pods and 2 portable Handpresso Wild machines, supplied by the ever resourceful Doddles) an example of a portable coffee machine and advertisement leaflets about purchasing (with information about CMA on the back), copies of the Biker’s Bible, daily devotion booklets & tracks. A 6 by 3mt. marquee, CMA banners and Lisa has a prayer box.

This event will be an outreach to the bike riders attending as well as visiting & encouraging the local churches & to ultimately establish a CMA group in  N.T.  Please pray for the CMA team going, pray for protection, to be Christ’s ambassadors and for opportunities to share the Gospel.

History / purpose of UMC

The following is what the UMC (NSW), have posted on their site. Since this group has been mentioned I thought it would be a good idea to find out their history. It seems NSW, Qld, WA …. have their own UMC with each state having started up around the same time.

The United Motorcycle Council of New South Wales has been meeting since April 2009, and was officially launched in May 2009.

Primarily the council has formed to promote a sociably responsible motorcycle culture and create a platform to raise and debate issues affecting motorcycle riders and motorcycle clubs. The following are the UMC’s current objectives:

1. To educate the general public about the dangers of enactment of laws and regulations that unfairly and unjustly contradict the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

2. To mobilize public opinion against laws and regulations affecting the lifestyle and freedom of citizens including motorcycle riders, motorcycle clubs and the general public.

3. To meet with relevant opinion leaders in the community in order to raise awareness and ultimately progress UMC’s aim and objectives.

4. To provide a forum for the peaceful resolution of differences between members.

5. To support members, organisations and individuals in their legal fight against laws and regulations deemed by the UMC as unfair and unjust.

6. To organise public events and protests as the UMC deems necessary in accordance with the law.

7. To print and publish any material the UMC considers necessary to support its objectives in accordance with the law.

Details of the Criminal Organisations Legislation Amendment Bill 2009, passed in New South Wales parliament in May, can be found here.

Current Clubs actively supporting the UMC NSW include;

Ambassadors CMC, Bandidos MC, Black Uhlans MC, BLF SMC, Brotherhood CMC, Diggers MMC, Easyriders SC, God Squad CMC, Gypsy Joker MC, Hells Angels MC, Kings Cross Bikers SC, Life & Death MC, Lone Wolf MC, Mongols MC, Outcasts MC, Phoenix MC, Rebels MC, Vietnam Veterans MC

The United Motorcycle Council of New South Wales also receives strong support from many social motorcycle clubs and individuals around New South Wales.

Abbreviations:  CMC = Christian Motorcycle Club; MM = Motorcycle Ministry; MC = Motorcycle Club; MMC = Military Motorcycle Club; SC = Social Club.