CMA involvement in Ulysses AGM

This event will be at Alice Springs on the 12th to the 18th May 2014. CMA will have a trade stall at the main event site Blatherskite Park. I’ve heard the figure of 10,000 bantered around – the number of Ulysses members that attend.

Lisa is riding to SA to meet up with members there and  Karen is flying to Alice on Sunday 11thMay. Other CMA members from other states are Kaye & Noel Underwood, Phil Mellor & Brian Vogt from SA. Darrell Cowell is flying, (possibly from Qld) & Wayne’s brother Ian Milner is taking a working engine. Other items to catch the attention of people will be coffee (using coffee pods and 2 portable Handpresso Wild machines, supplied by the ever resourceful Doddles) an example of a portable coffee machine and advertisement leaflets about purchasing (with information about CMA on the back), copies of the Biker’s Bible, daily devotion booklets & tracks. A 6 by 3mt. marquee, CMA banners and Lisa has a prayer box.

This event will be an outreach to the bike riders attending as well as visiting & encouraging the local churches & to ultimately establish a CMA group in  N.T.  Please pray for the CMA team going, pray for protection, to be Christ’s ambassadors and for opportunities to share the Gospel.

Christian Motorcyclists Association of Australia


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