God is good!! A great day to ride in His amazing creation! We had a great time getting down to Huskisson Pub from Maccas in Albion Park, no one got lost (phew…first time leading a ride!! Anything was possible…🤔) and when we arrived we were joined by some more locals!! We had Andrew, Braam, Daniel, Peter and myself on 2 wheels, and Terry, Greg , Karen and Michael went by Quadracycle! When we arrived, we were joined by Magda and family, and David and Matt who popped across from local haunts! Great food…great chats…and some great fellowship was had! Hallelujah…

Andrew, Magda, Karen and Michael (hiding!) and Matt…

Dave had gone by then so missed him!!

Terry doing something different…talking!! 😊 He has Andrea and Braam transfixed…must be talking about his shoulder again!!!

Greg and Daniel…great to see a loving, Godly Dad..

The Marx Brothers reunion…Harpo, Chico, Groucho and their long lost brother Karl…masquerading as Peter, Matt, Terry and Braam!