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The group at the first session at Picton Kart Track.

The group at the first session at Picton Kart Track.

Motorcycle Forums- your chance to have your say
If you have had anything to do with Skill Master recently you won’t be able to read anything without hearing some mention of these Forums.
Assuming you know nothing about them, these Forums are sponsored by the Motorcycle Council of NSW with the information gleaned ultimately going back to the NSW Centre for Road Safety. If you don’t ask the right people, and you don’t ask the right questions, you won’t ever get the right information. So we are trying to extract exactly that, useful information from riders to provide an accurate picture of rider’s views on the what, how, and why of riding.
We sent those wishing to ride out on the track to let them have a ride around, without stipulating too much. There were some obstacles along the way and when they returned we began our discussion on RISK. The exercises weren’t designed to make people fail, but to evoke conversation. And that it did. An hour and a half later we were through the first section on RISK. The great thing about riders is their ability to accurately pinpoint specific issues that cause problems. Even though we asked a question about how much they took responsibility for an incident caused by someone else, almost all attributed a large portion of the incident to something they could have done to avoid it. Some interesting aspects of the information received so far are:
•A lot of riders use ‘self talk’ to analyse risk
•Ride like everyone is out to get you
•People are willing to take responsibilty for incidents, not externalise
•A lot of people feel we should be giving a wave or a nod to other road users when some leeway has been extended
•100% of people feel that wearing the right gear is paramount to our longevitiy
•Very few people believe track days count for anything on the road
That is after only a cursory view of the data so far ( The survey is now also available on Facebook and via email).
Stay tuned for more, or you could even be a part of this by completing the survey yourself. The Forum sessions are still really useful as the opportunity to discuss this in a group setting is invaluable. Next session is at Tamworth on 17th May. Hope to see some of you there.
Check the website for other dates.

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