CMA WA Ride Outline

CMA WA would like to welcome all riders to join us on our rides. To help you decide which of our rides would be suitable for you here is a description of our rides. As a group we do our best to ensure all rides are safe but there is some risk in riding a motorbike. All riders are responsible for riding within their ability and ride at their own risk. 

CMA WA normally run 2 types of regular rides the first is the Cappo or Afternoon ride. This is the ride that we would recommend that visitors go on first. The ride starts about 12.30 pm and we will ride for about 1.30 hours. We will travel close to the metro area to a coffee shop or similar place. The main focus of the ride is to spend time together. As this is a short ride the speed is normally low and allows for less experienced riders. This ride also gives the chance for riders new to the group to see how we ride.

The second is our Day Ride. This starts about 8.30 and will normally be 250 – 300Km but can be longer. The ride will include 2 or more stops including morning tea and lunch. This is also a faster ride and riders are expected to be able to travel at the speed limit up to 110km/h. We also often travel on winding country roads so these rides are for the more experienced rider.  

On all CMA WA rides we expect riders to ride within the road rules and to be courteous to other road uses. We also have some practices that help us keep the ride safe and well organised. We ride with a ride leader and a tail end rider. Everyone rides between these two. When we make a turn the corner is marked by a rider waiting on the corner. I will now explain how this works.

Ride leader

This is one of the members that has been chosen to lead the ride on this day. Most of the group will lead rides at some time. The ride leader will choose where we are going and the places that we will stop. On the day they will give a short description of the ride and anything to be aware of during the ride. 

Corner marker

The corner marker is the person behind the ride leader that waits on the corners to mark a turn. When the leader indicates that we are turning, the rider behind stops in a safe place near the corner with their indicator on and if safe, arm out to indicate the turn. They remain on the corner till the tail end reaches them. When the tail end gets to them the tail end will flash his head lights. The corner marker will then move off in front of the tail end. When choosing a place to stop please ensure you can move off safely especially on a right hand turn.

Tail end

Tail end will ride at the rear of the group. They are there to assist if anyone has a problem and to tell the corner markers to move off. 

A few other things you need to know are that if you are leaving the Ride please try to do this at a stop. Inform the ride leader and tail end. If you need to leave before the next stop. Stop at the side of the road and wait for the tail end. Inform them that you are leaving and move off after they are gone.

If someone pulls to the side of the road and does not indicate that they are needing assistance don’t stop but allow the tail end to help them.

At regular times during the ride if the ride leader can’t see the tail end they will stop and bring the ride back together. At other times the ride may get spread this will happen when passing traffic and when going through traffic lights or stop signs. The ride leader will also stop at appropriate times to bring the ride back together. The ride can get spread but the corner markers will keep rides on the right path.

This is the plan that we will normally follow on all our rides. At times changes will need to be made depending on the situation. This may be done in advance for a special ride or on the day to allow for changes that arise.

Craig Wilson