Purpose of CMA

The main aim is to encourage each other in our Christian lives, to support Christian living every day whether or not you are on a CMA event.

God is blessing us as we ride and share with others through local rides, invitation rides, weekends away, with churches and communities, and our National Run hosted by the states in turn. 

CMA has developed to what it is today with many members being involved, but it still stands as an association where you as a member can be active as much or as little you so desire.

CMA is an on-going organisation with a desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever He may take us, as this is the responsibility of any Christian.

Since 1979

Formed in 1979 by two Christian Motorcyclist’s Clubs, the original idea came from Greg Hirst of Brotherhood CMC.

Called an association and not a club – so as Christian riders who did not want to belong to a club with the responsibility of club involvement, could be linked with Christian motorcyclists wherever they lived.

It also meant Christian Motorcycle Clubs could join and fellowship with other Christian bikers in a fellowship setting, rather than because of any evangelistic or task orientated purpose.

CMA in Australia today

CMA is an on-going organisation with a desire to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever He may take us, as this is the responsibility of any Christian.

It is you the members who do this as you stand along side your fellow Christians and bike riders.


Aims of CMA Australia

(a) To encourage Christian motorcyclists to be a relevant witness to our Lord Jesus Christ.
(b) To encourage a Christian lifestyle and Christian interaction among motorcyclists.
(c) To assist members to establish and pursue their ministries within the context of CMA and the local church.
(d) To promote safe motorcycling habits and to advocate on behalf of motorcyclists to the relevant authorities.
(e) To pursue fraternal links with Christian Motorcyclist’s Associations across Australia

Key Milestones in 40 years of CMA

(from “40 years of CMA in Aust 1979 to 2019”, Jackie Waterman. Full Report )

1979 The first get together of CMA members from NSW and Vic was held at Yackandandah, Vic. (CM 2013) 1980’s The motto ‘Unity in Diversity’ was being used. (BD 2019) 1980 The first more official CMA meeting was held at Hume Weir NSW with members attending from NSW, Victoria and Queensland. (RB 2013)

1983 Newsletters were typed on typewriters and sent via Australia Post until at least October 1989. (NltrOct83, NltrNSWOct89) By 1996 newsletters were created on computer (NltrNSWApr96) and in later years, sent by email.

1989 10th Anniversary of CMA in Australia. Activities for spreading the gospel was a fundamental goal (NltrNSWOct89) and CMA was becoming more known and respected in the motorcycling community. (NltrNSW89) 1989 CMA Queensland and CMA Victoria became established. CMA NSW provided support and almost identical constitutions were set up. (NltrNSWOct89) 

1992 CMA SA was formed with about 10 members and operated under the CMA Vic Constitution (NltrVicSAAug92) with a combined newsletter. (NltrVicSAApr92)

1992 CMA NSW and CMA Qld commenced holding half-way meets. (RB 2002)

1993 CMA South Australia became an independent branch of CMA. (NltrVicSAJan93)

1993 CMA Tasmania was formed. (NltrVicSAJan93) 1993/94 CMA NSW became incorporated. (RB 2002)

2001 CMA Vic held the CMA National Run 2001 at a fully catered camp venue. Attendances exceeded 100 for the first time. (JW 2013) 

2001 The CMA Australia website was set up by Barry Day CMA NSW. (BD 2019)

2002 CMA Vic commenced the Bikes for Pastors Appeal to raise funds for motorcycles to donate to ministries for pastors in developing countries where transport and travel was difficult. (BPF 2019) 

2005 32,000 copies of the Riding with Purpose booklet were produced by CMA SA and the Bible Society in Australia. All CMA states donated funds and received copies to distribute. (WS 2019) 

2010 – 2016 Lisa Clarke CMA NSW was National Coordinator of CMA Australia from 2010 to 2016. (JW 2019) More connecting, national and international communication and unity occurred between the states. (LM 2019) There was a shift for state leaders to be referred to as President instead of Chairman. (ID 2019).

2010 The “Memorandum of Understanding forming the Christian Motorcyclists Association of Australia by simple consensus of the states” was signed by each state President/Chairman on 9 October.

2011 International training officially started in 2011. 

2012 Ian Dodd CMA NSW was recognised by CMA International as the National Training Coordinator. (ID 2019)

2016 Chris Pilgrim CMA Qld became National Coordinator of CMA Australia for a 3 year term. (JW 2019) 

2019 The 40th Anniversary of CMA in Australia was celebrated at the CMA National Run 2019. Members from 1979 attended. (JW 2019)

2019 All CMA Australia states support the Bikes for Pastors Appeal. $78,875 has been raised and 38 bikes donated to 29 ministries. (BPF 2019)