2 thoughts on “Group riding – Good practice


    An interesting and detailed read….one thing i noticed, he said Ride in single file, not in staggered formation
    I have just been on a BART course in Perth and they told us to ride staggered….thoughts?

    • Thinus Kruger Post author

      We will ride staggered formation. Personally I think that gives more space between riders, more visibility of what is happening in front of you and also easier for the ride leader to monitor the group behind. Of course, when you get into the twisties you will move into a single file to follow the correct and safer line through the corners.

      I understand CMA WA did a similar course some years ago. That is really something we will have to organise again. I would like to do the advanced riding course.

      Any members interested in doing the BART (Barbagallo Advanced Ride Training)?

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